Release date:October, 2023

Last document update: October 17, 2023

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What's new

Acronis CyberApp Standard (CyberApp)

CyberApp Standard is a declarative, low-code, UI-driven integration standard that allows Independent Software Vendors (ISV), System Integrators, Service Providers, and other companies to easily integrate their products and services, and customize the Acronis Cyber Platform to extend its components with the functions and features of their products and services. Key benefits:

  • Declarative programming instead of coding: create an integration up to 50% faster than with imperative programming.
  • Add custom UI screens in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud without development. You can embed your own data in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud UI by using Acronis native UI components:
    • Alerts: partner-defined alerts overview and management based on Acronis Alerts list.
    • Devices: list of devices and device properties with ISV-custom actions; this list is extended by ISV-managed devices.
    • Navigation menu items: primary and secondary menu items, including custom pages, in the left-side navigation pane of both the Cyber Protect Cloud console and the Management portal.
    • Widgets and reports: standard widgets populated with ISV integration data, in both the Cyber Protect Cloud console and the Management portal.
  • Secure by design: isolated micro-frontends and access checks provide the ISV with only the permissions that are required.
  • Application lifecycle: use the Vendor Portal to manage the application lifecycle from initial configuration to release.


Available for Acronis partners after registration on the Vendor Portal.

Support for new operating systems

This release adds support for macOS 14 Sonoma. As a partner, you will be able to protect macOS 14 Sonoma workloads with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud functionality including backup, security, management, and File Sync and Share.

Management portal: TCO calculator for Acronis trial partners

Prior to this release, trial partners did not have a tool to estimate the preliminary costs associated with the products or services they offer to their clients.

Starting with the C23.10 release, the TCO calculator can help trial partners with the preliminary calculations of costs and planning the financial aspects of their offerings.

Clicking the Calculate monthly costs item in the Management portal navigation menu will redirect trial partners to the TCO calculator page where the calculations can be performed.


  • Available to all Acronis trial partners.

Cloud integrations: Zapier

Zapier is an Integration-Platform-as-a-Service that allows MSPs to easily configure custom integrations between more than 6,000 applications, including Acronis.

The Acronis integration for Zapier includes templates for dozens of scenarios and applications that partners can copy and modify to meet their exact requirements.

The Zapier integration for Acronis will support many scenarios, including:

  • Customer tenant provisioning and management based on data from spreadsheets, Customer Relationship Management platforms, and so on.
  • Sync Acronis alerts to support platforms or as messages in Teams, Slack, and other applications.
  • Export usage reporting per Customer tenant into spreadsheets or billing and accounting software.


  • All licenses.

Updated Components

Cyber Protection agent

The Acronis Cyber Protection agent has new versions as follows.

  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Windows (v.36539)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Mac (v.36539)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Linux (v.36539)

See the release notes for the Acronis Cyber Protection agent here.

Changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API

You can find the history of changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API in the dedicated API change log document.

Fixed issues

This section describes the more significant fixes in this release. The full list of fixed issues is available upon request.


For information about security issues fixed in this release, please refer to

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

  • [ABR-372867] E-mail notifications may be delivered with big delays on EU1 and EU2 datacenters.
  • [ARC-612] [ABR-373895] Cloud-to-cloud backups may fail with the error "archive server instance mismatch" in some cases.
  • [DRAAS-25137] Disaster Recovery: VPN Gateway deployment fails due to a duplicate entry in the database.
  • [DEVLOCK-5958] After installing update KB5030219 for Windows 11, the Windows Start button and Search do not work on machines where the DLP service is installed.
  • [ABR-371604] Cloud-to-Cloud M365 SharePoint backups to cloud may complete with "Failed to process change event Item/Add." warning.
  • [DRAAS-28959] Disaster Recovery service: automated test failover can be started even if there was no backup created yet.

Known issues

  • [ABR-370018] Recovery tasks of OneDrive remain stuck at certain percentage progress for very long time.
  • [ABR-367677] Recovery tasks of OneDrive are processing very slowly.
    • Solution: See
  • [ABR-365442] The backup validation completes successfully, but the validation status is incorrect or missing in backup sets with a large number of backups.
  • [ABR-361097] It is possible to create backups with special characters in their names, but such backups are not accessible when saved on a network storage.
    • Solution: Do not use special characters in backup names, even though the application allows you to.

For more information on known issues and workarounds, please visit our Knowledge Base.