Release date:August, 2023

Last document update: September 8, 2023

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What's new

Advanced Automation General Availability

Advanced Automation enables MSPs to automate day-to-day operations and improve operational efficiency via its service desk, time tracking, billing, contract management, analytics, and reporting tools. Advanced Automation also natively integrates with Acronis and third-party services.

Once enabled, you will be charged for using Advanced Automation according to the number of users assigned each month. You'll also be provided with an optional paid onboarding service to ensure you get up and running smoothly. This onboarding service includes:

  • Guided setup to the Advanced Automation basics.
  • 1-on-1 consulting to help implement partners’ business processes.
  • Guided setup of Advanced Automation – configuration fine-tuning.
  • One hour of live online training for your entire team of users.
  • One hour of 1-on-1 KPI/Data review after two months of usage and data collection.
  • Reach out to your partner success manager for more information about the pricing.


Available under the Advanced Automation pack: Per user

Unlimited storage for Google Workspace backups in per workload licensing mode

  • Streamlines the sales process of the Google Workspace backup service for Acronis partners by aligning Acronis licensing with Google licensing.
    • If a user’s mailbox or Google Drive is protected, it will be licensed (charged by Acronis).
  • Reduces billing issues related to Google Workspace backup by removing variable fees components.
    • Team Drive will not be charged*.
    • Storage occupied by backups which belongs to workloads that are not protected by Acronis will not be charged for.

*Fair usage policy might be applicable for large volumes of data.


Available as part of standard product: Per workload

Bottleneck detection analyzer

The bottelneck detection analyzer helps Acronis partners and customers to reduce time spent on investigating backup and recovery performance issues by automatically identifying the component in your infrastructure which has the heaviest impact on backup performance.

With the bottelneck detection analyzer Acronis partners and customers can:

  • Troubleshoot issues with slow backup/recovery.
  • Identify areas (Network/Disk/CPU/RAM) for performance improvements within the backup environment.

Technical Details

  • The backup performance analyzer works with all protection agents, except agents for applications (for example, Agent for SQL/Exchange/MySQL), and supports the TIBX backup format.
  • Details about the identified bottlenecks will be available on the “Activity details” screen for each operation with a backup archive, including:
    • Backup and recovery.
    • Off-host data processing: backup replication or conversion into VM.

The bottleneck point is shown after approximately one minute from the start of the operation and is updated in real-time.


Available as part of standard product: Per workload, Per gigabyte


N-able N-central integration 2.0

This release of the integration provides:

  • Improved efficiency of customer provisioning and easier onboarding of new partners who use N-able N-central.
  • Improved operational efficiency through centralized and standardized monitoring workflow of Acronis workloads by using N-Central native automated dashboards and issue remediation tools.

Now you can perform the following operations:

  • Provision all or selected customers from N-able N-central to new Customer tenants in Acronis.
  • Map N-able N-central customers to existing Acronis Customer tenants.
  • Enable automatic syncing of Customer tenants, based on their availability in N-able N-central.
  • Monitor Acronis statuses and automate issues remediation in N-able N-central using device custom properties.


Available as part of standard product: Per workload, Per gigabyte

ConnectWise Asio integration 2.2

This release of the integration provides:

  • Improved operational efficiency for MSP's engineers by introducing automation to reduce the manual ticketing tasks on multiple interfaces.
  • Increased solution value by adding support for Linux workloads.

Now you can perform the following operations:

  • Handle extended list of Acronis alerts in ConnectWise Asio.
  • Automatically delete tickets when their related alerts are closed.
  • Deploy Acronis agent on Linux devices via ConnectWise Asio.


Available as part of standard product: Per workload, Per gigabyte

The support for macOS versions 10.10, 10.11, and 10.12 ended

Starting in July 2023, with the release of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 23.07, we ended the support of the following macOS versions:

  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • macOS 10.12 Sierra

Updated Components

Cyber Protection agent

The Acronis Cyber Protection agent has new versions as follows.

  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Windows (v.36280)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Mac (v.36280)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Linux (v.36280)

See the release notes for the Acronis Cyber Protection agent here.

Changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API

You can find the history of changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API in the dedicated API change log document.

Fixed issues

This section describes the more significant fixes in this release. The full list of fixed issues is available upon request.


For information about security issues fixed in this release, please refer to

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

  • [ABR-370984] A deleted Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace resource doesn't disappear from the Cyber Protection console and continues to use a Seat quota. Backup of such items fails.
  • [ABR-369953] Websites backups stay enqueued and then fail with the following error: "Task timeout expired. The agent that is responsible for processing the task is not accessible."
  • [ABR-358987] The Activities tab does not indicate that a network-isolation-unit is offline.
  • [CI-24332] Two-factor authentication is enabled automatically when the billing plan for a tenant is changed.
  • [PLTFRM-54774] An Ethereum notarization gets stuck in the "Pending" status or fails. It is not possible to download a notarized file.
  • [PLTFRM-55765] In the management console, Partner users are not able to browse Customer tenants if the list of tenants is too long.
  • [ABR-370695] Microsoft 365 SharePoint backup and discovery fail with the error "i/o timeout."
  • [ABR-368627] C2C backups finish with an unclear error "unexpected end of JSON input" in case of storage issues.
  • [ABR-371501] Microsoft 365 backups fail with token-related errors. The logs contain multiple EOF errors.
  • [ADP-26996] Acronis Cyber Protect agent stops responding if the network-isolation-unit.exe is not running properly on the machine where the agent is installed.
  • [AMP-19036] False positive detections in URL filtering.

Known issues

  • [ABR-368330] The update of Cyber Protection agent fails with the error "Folder C:\ProgramData\Acronis\ is created by non-administrator".
    • Solution: See
  • [ABR-367677] Recovery tasks of OneDrive are processing very slowly.
    • Solution: See
  • [ABR-366961] Incremental backups of OneDrive remain at 10% progress or take more time than full backups.
    • Solution: Create a separate plan for the affected OneDrive and start the backup from scratch.
  • [ABR-365442] The backup validation completes successfully, but the validation status is incorrect or missing in backup sets with a large number of backups.
  • [ABR-361097] It is possible to create backups with special characters in their names, but such backups are not accessible when saved on a network storage.
    • Solution: Do not use special characters in backup names, even though the application allows you to.
  • [ABR-349849] Partner Administrator users see the message "Expired link" when they click the link to download PST files to recover Microsoft 365 mailboxes.
    • Solution: Log in as a Customer Administrator to the tenant that you want to recover - the link will open the PST files for that tenant.

For more information on known issues and workarounds, please visit our Knowledge Base.