Release date:February, 2023

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What's new

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Advanced Email Security: API-based inbound email scanning for Microsoft 365 users​

Reduces service delivery costs and increases scalability by onboarding new Microsoft 365 end customers more easily and quickly. The new API-based connectivity method shifts the management of protection scope from rules on the Microsoft 365 side to the Advanced Email Security console, thus reducing the configuration errors that typically occur during partial domain protection configuration.

Advanced Email Security: Outbound email scanning for Microsoft 365 users​

Enables partners to enhance protection while reducing service costs when outbound scanning is required. It also minimizes the risk of reputation damage by detecting malicious emails originating from the end customer's email service, and improves inbound protection accuracy by gaining a deeper understanding of communication with external parties.

Advanced Email Security: Updated insights dashboard​

Improves security related decision making by increasing visibility into the attack landscape. The updated insight dashboards now offer additional information on:

  • Top 5 attack types an end-customer experiences.
  • Highlighted attacks that the Incident Response [IR] team thinks you should be aware of.
  • List of attack types affecting the end-customer, along with explanations.
  • Metrics for the top attacked people, top compromised people, and top impersonated identities.

Advanced Email Security: Scan history view​

Improves efficiency of investigating the lifecycle of a scan-based detection.​ The new functionality provides information about a scan's lifecycle events (for example, scan time, release time) and includes all emails sent between the admin user and the Perception Point's MDR team.

Advanced Email Security: Management of restricted files types 

Improves protection via a customized restricted files policy for inbound emails and partners' self-service capabilities. Users can now view and manage the restricted files policy for an end-customer.

Advanced Management: Defining a status for script execution​

The improved UI ensures that when a script is created or cloned/restored, the script is ready for immediate use. This increases the efficiency of IT administrators.

Backup: Acronis Backup plugin for cPanel & WHM update 1.7.0

  • Supports additional operating systems that are gaining popularity among web hosting service providers: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Rocky Linux 8.​
  • Introduces a new logic of processing system databases to cover a wider range of non-typical database configurations available with MySQL 8.
  • Provides for hassle-free recovery of databases following the MySQL engine update after backup.

Management Portal and Platform Core

Enable services, packs, offering items for multiple tenants​

Saves time and money by eliminating the need to update individual tenants manually when a service, billing mode, advanced pack, or offering item needs to be enabled. All types of tenants are supported: partners, folders, customers.

Current limitations​:

  • Multiple selections limited to 100 tenants.
  • Supports only additive changes:
    • De-selecting services, editions, billing modes, or offering items won't disable them.
    • Switching editions is not yet supported for customers.
    • Modifying quotas is not yet supported.

Updated Components

Cyber Protection agent

The Acronis Cyber Protection agent has new versions as follows.

  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Windows (v.15.0.31637)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Mac (v.15.0.31637)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Linux (v.15.0.31637)

See the release notes for the Acronis Cyber Protection agent here.

Changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API

You can find the history of changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API in the dedicated API change log document.

Fixed issues

This section describes issues that have been fixed in this update.


For information about security issues fixed in this release, please refer to

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

  • Advanced automation

    • [AA-3660] MailDaemon failed to process incoming emails.
    • [AA-3893] Error "Invalid service level agreement SLA" appears while creating a help desk call.
    • [AA-3752] Error '/' appears while resetting a password for a user.
  • Backup and recovery 

    • [PLTFRM-49339] Backup fails with the error "The cloud storage quota is exceeded" even after increasing the quota.
    • [ABR-361891] File/folder recovery from a disk-level backup gets stuck in the very beginning using agent v.15.0.31286 (Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 22.12).
    • [ABR-282394] Protection plan with a large number of "Items to back up" fails to be saved.
    • [ABR-354508] Recovering a backup of the Windows operating system onto dynamic disk fails with the error "Cannot find a primary partition with enough free space for the loader activation".
    • [ABR-353528] Backup fails to start manually nor shows the next backup time after changing a host agent.
    • [ABR-340240] Backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine with a directly attached disk completes with the warning message "There are directly attached physical disks".
    • [ABR-358410] Bootable media creates an empty cloud storage location after registration with a code.
    • [ABR-305994] WinPE bootable media registration status is displayed as invalid.
    • [ABR-361411] Users with "Company administrator" roles cannot browse mobile backups via the Cyber Protection console in certain circumstances.
    • [ABR-354139] Not all backups are listed in the Cyber Protection console.
    • [ABR-358501] Bootable media gets registered under wrong user.
    • [ABR-362319] Some backup options miss Spanish, Italian and French localization.
    • [ABR-362192] Some deleted backups are not visible after immutable storage was enabled and the backup updated.
    • [ABR-359653] Replication plan fails with the error "Cannot find archive".
    • [ABR-362121] [Agent] Backup fails with the error message "The activity has failed due to a crash of Service Process" due to a missing dynamic disk.
    • [ABR-360704] [Agent] File recovery to Azure File Share fails with the error "Access is denied."
    • [ABR-335883] [Agent] File backup of C:\Windows folder fails with the error "The path ... does not exist".
    • [ABR-360922] [Agent] Continuous Data Protection (CDP) fails with an error "Driver not initialized".
  • Common

    • [ABR-361040][PLTFRM-47698][PLTFRM-47682] Cyber Protect service performance degradation on US5 and US2 datacenters.
    • [ABR-198085] Unclear error message "ErrorNotFound('No certificate was found for authority with id" due to incorrect configuration of Acronis Storage 2.4 on partner side.
    • [ABR-361976] Connection to Resource Management API v4 (/api/resource_management/v4/resources) fails with error 504.
    • [ABR-361040] Service degradation on EU5 datacenter.
    • [ABR-360740] Device list filtering by "Protection status" doesn't work correctly when there are two or more options selected.
    • [ABR-360785] Modifying a protection plan stuck in loading.
    • [PLTFRM-48936] Agent registration page does not display customer accounts.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)

    • [DEVLOCK-4970] Emails are stuck in outbox blocked by DLP.
  • Disaster Recovery

    • [DRAAS-27255] False-positive alerts "VPN gateway is not reachable".
    • [DRAAS-26970] Test failover succeeds but production failover fails with error "MAC address is already in use".
    • [DRAAS-27613] Firewall exception rules visible but not editable.
    • [DRAAS-27733] Test failover fails to boot into operating system - "No Bootable Device" error is shown.
    • [DRAAS-27436] Test failover fails due to no operating system detected and LDM volumes on Windows Server Domain Controller.
    • [DRAAS-27731][ABR-361677] Automated test failover performance degraded on US5 datacenter.
    • [DRAAS-27452] Oracle Linux 7.9 does not boot after test failover.
    • [DRAAS-27493] Test failover fails due to "RunVm task ... failed with code [UnknownError]".
  • File Sync & Share

    • [AFDC-1744] File Sync & Share service performance degraded on US5 datacenter.  
    • [AFDC-1746] File Sync & Share agent fails to sync files with specific UTF8 names after update.
  • macOS protection

    • [ABR-360754] Cyber Protect installer shows "incompatible operating system" warning on macOS 13.1.
  • Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other applications protection

    • [ARC-504] Backup of Microsoft 365 mailboxes fails with error "Failed to write scope to archive: 'create meta with key "Scope": [Archive Server]: server instance mismatch'".
    • [ARC-506] Backup of Microsoft SharePoint Online sites fails with error "A backup agent error:['Archive Server]:internal error'".
    • [ABR-361580] Files missing from Microsoft OneDrive recovery point backups.
    • [ABR-362660] Applying a protection plan fails with error "Request parameter 'retentionRules.backupSets' has invalid value 'monthlyDailyHourly'".
    • [ABR-361558] Successful backup email notifications are sent with several days delay.
    • [PLTFRM-45552] Backup of Microsoft OneDrive resources succeeds with the warning "Failed to register a backup in backup file. Please refresh the list of recovery points".
  • Notary

    • [AN-3784] Notarization requests got stuck.
    • [AN-3813] File notarized but notification email was not sent.
  • Security and management

    • [ADP-26444] Lack of 2FA configuration warning when attempting to use "Connect" functionality.
    • [AMP-14922] Performance impact on Citrix VDA server when behavioral engine is enabled.
    • [AMP-15017] Dartfish performance degraded after real time protection gets enabled on a device.
    • [AMP-15170] Cyber Protection Services (CPS) sporadically crashes or aborts.
    • [ADP-25813] Machine status did not change after reboot due to patch installation.
    • [KERNEL-13505][KERNEL-13526][KERNEL-13525] Device is rebooting randomly due to "active_protection_service" ("file_protector.sys" driver).
  • Virtualization protection

    • [ABR-360943] No checksum validation after file recovery with backup validation enabled.
    • [ABR-332886] Conversion to Scale virtual machine fails with error "API call should either return a single value or throw an exception. Actual number of values: 0".
    • [ABR-361380] Non-informative error is shown during backup of Scale virtual machine by agent located outside the cluster.
    • [ABR-357748] The "Protection Plan" filter does not work properly on the "Activities" page.
    • [ABLOC-15327] Incorrect Japanese localization of protection plan's Schedule description.

Management Portal and Platform Core

  • [PLTFRM-48710] Parent admin can list users of self-serviced customer.
  • [PLTFRM-47594] Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is not renewed automatically.
  • [PLTFRM-46444] Branded URL redirection fails with "Internal Server Error".

PSA and RMM integrations

  • [CI-21974] Autotask PSA: Partner mapping fails with error "No such tenant found".
  • [CI-18635] Kaseya VSA integration fails to map all customer organizations.

Known issues and limitations

This section describes issues that are currently known and provides solutions to avoid the issues where possible.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

  • Common

    • [ABR-228827] If some backup is removed via the Data Recovery (Web Restore) console, this change is not reflected in the service console while browsing the backup location, until the service console is refreshed.
    • [ABR-196710] The backup location on the network share usage is duplicated in the case when there is a different network share with the same name registered as a backup location (shares rotation scenario).
    • [ABR-189620] The "Activities summary" widget shows activities out of the defined date "Range" scope (excessive activities may be shown).
    • [ABR-184900] Local backup usage is not reported for backups stored on a network share with enabled deduplication.
    • [ABR-183764] Local backup usage is not updated for all virtual machine backups after deleting and re-adding a network location.
    • [ABR-182313] Local backup usage size is duplicated after reconnecting a locally attached storage (LAS) to a new Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance).
    • [ABR-178648] The installer does not remove/update old libraries if the previous update was interrupted.
    • [ABR-154655] The protection plan may have the "Backup succeeded" status, even if this plan is completed with warnings. Alerts and activities still show the proper status of the plan.
    • [ABR-190404] It is not possible to recover from the Large Scale Recovery backup produced by the "LSR" tool if the backup is split into multiple separate files (multi-volume).
    • [ABR-158677] "Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection" NIC is not properly recognized by Windows 10 after recovery of an image to a VMware Workstation virtual machine by using the bootable media.
    • [ADP-17122] Backups Scanning does not work properly with orphaned archives.
  • Cyber Protection Agent

    • [ABR-87244] File-level recovery from a disk/volume backup of NTFS volumes with the enabled native deduplication does not work.
  • macOS protection

    • [ABR-207057] The Bulgarian language is missing in the "Recovery HD" menu (bootable media for Mac), due to a lack of support for the Bulgarian language in macOS.
    • [ABR-141823] There are incorrect backup items in a protection plan after updating Mac OS X to 10.13 High Sierra with conversion from HFS+ to APFS (some backup items are missing).
    • [ABR-137886] Backing up Mac with Apple RAID configured fails with the "No volumes were found when processing the 'Fixed Volumes' template" error. Apple RAIDs are not supported.
    • [ABR-115270] The "[All Profiles Folder]" template in a file-level backup does not support a custom profile path.
  • Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other applications protection

    • [ABR-74984] The "Next backup" time is not displayed for a machine that has only application-level protection plans applied to it.

    • [PLTFRM-18969] It is not possible to protect Microsoft SQL on a machine with a workstation operating system, in case Agent for Hyper-V is also installed among local agents.

    • [ABR-255521] The number of total runs and successful runs is zero for the Microsoft Office 365 resources.

  • Virtualization protection

    • [ABR-320237] Debian 10 EFI VM with enabled Secure Boot is not bootable after recovery of backup captured from VMware ESXi to VM on Scale Computing HC3

      • Solution: disable Secure Boot in EFI boot manager configuration after recovery

    • [ABR-320149] Recovery of backup for machine which contains a mix of IDE and SCSI drives, to Scale Computing VM, produces a VM which misses 1 disk (non-system SCSI disk is not restored)

    • [ABR-242166] An application-aware backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine may fail when executing the WMI query, with the "WMI 'ExecQuery' failed executing query." or "Failed to create a new process via WMI" errors, when the backup is performed on a host under a high load, due to no response from WMI.

    • [ABR-235983] A protection plan using policy rules such as "/dev/sdaX" or "/sdaX" applied to a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine fails with the "Nothing to back up. The operation has been terminated." error, when performed by Agent for VMware/Hyper-V.

    • [ABR-234935] There are duplicated activities in the Activities summary, after the backup of a virtual machine running on a Hyper-V cluster.

    • [ABR-234935] An incorrect number of Total runs/Number of successful runs for a Hyper-V cluster is shown on the Operations tab.

    • [ABR-234935] The number of email notifications is equal to the number of Hyper-V cluster nodes for one VM backup activity.

    • [ABR-192213] VMware virtual machines with an empty "vc.uuid" (InstanceUUID) vSphere property are not listed in the service console.

    • [ABR-189882] Backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine fails if it contains an ampersand symbol in the names of its virtual disks.

    • [ABR-173002] Run VM from a backup on a Hyper-V host fails, if the backup is located on the same volume as the path selected for the mounted VM disks.

      • Solution: Select a different volume for the mounted VM disk path. The space will be consumed only for changes generated inside the mounted VM and it will not occupy the entire size of the virtual disk.

    • [ABR-137564] Cross-platform recoveries (when the backup was created not by Agent for Hyper-V) into a new Hyper-V virtual machine by Agent for Hyper-V always produces the Gen 1 version of virtual machine.

    • [ABR-115430] A "backup is missing for X days" alert is activated even if the backup plan is not scheduled, but has this alert option enabled in its settings.

    • [ABR-104081] A VM replication plan may fail due to network disconnects between source and target ESXi hosts even if the "Error handling" option is enabled.

    • [ABR-85645] Backup of a virtual machine with Active Directory may complete with warning "MFT bitmap is corrupted."

    • [ABR-183082] Recovery of a Linux machine having some volumes with the XFS file system completes with the "Failed to process the boot loader configuration." warning. The machine is bootable despite the warning.

  • Data Loss Prevention and Device control

    • [DEVLOCK-4028] There is no control of chats for Zoom desktop agent.
    • [DEVLOCK-3717] Automatic internal hosts recognition fails in some scenarios for HTTP servers.
    • [DEVLOCK-3930] There is no control for copy text operation (Clipboard, Redirected clipboard) in Adobe Acrobat reader DC Windows 10 x86.
    • [DEVLOCK-2728] In some scenarios system may become unstable when copying many files to Removable and SMB simultaneously.
    • [DEVLOCK-1558] In rare cases, Acronis Cyber Protect Agent setup hangs at upgrading due deadlock in Agent for DLP.
    • [DEVLOCK-2512] In rare cases Acronis Cyber Protect Agent can't be stopped.
    • [ABR-306459] Backup finished with error "A device attached to the system is not functioning" on specified machine.
    • [DEVLOCK-3717] Automatic internal/external destination detection for HTTP within a domain with hostname access does not work correctly (detected as External).
    • [DEVLOCK-4481] Google Chrome does not start with DLP Agent installed.
    • [DEVLOCK-4235] No file sharing control if uploading files via api using python.
    • [DEVLOCK-4762] DLP agent service cannot be stopped during content inspection process.
    • [DEVLOCK-4028] There is no control for the group chats in Zoom desktop agent.
    • [DEVLOCK-4070] The USB allowlist not working on a physical MacBook computer (applies to Device control module on macOS).
    • [DEVLOCK-4117] HID Bluetooth devices denied by service when "Bluetooth HID" checked in the Device types allowlist (applies to Device control module on Windows computers).
    • [DEVLOCK-4451] HTTP Communication error while a client software on a computer with the Advanced DLP agent tries to connect to the Sage database.
    • [DEVLOCK-4715] It is possible to create a data flow policy rule with empty Sensitivity field.
    • [DEVLOCK-4016] Sender's friendly name and ID are not captured for GMX Web Mail in case of an email draft creation.
    • [DEVLOCK-4447] No Justification dialog is presented to the sender for Naver WebMail in case of an email draft creation.
    • [DEVLOCK-4025] Recipient's friendly name and ID are not captured for ICQ desktop agent (applies to Windows 10 x86).
    • [DEVLOCK-4045] Sender's friendly name and ID are not captured for Mail.
    • [DEVLOCK-4421] No Justification dialog is presented to the sender for Mail in case of an email draft creation.
    • [DEVLOCK-4785] Sensitive data in Serbian of the "Marked as Confidential" category is not detected by content analyzer.
    • [DEVLOCK-4772] Not all sensitive data in Portuguese of the "Marked as Confidential" category is detected by content analyzer.

Management Portal and Platform Core

  • The read-only role is available for selection while customer tenant is in Cyber Backup - Standard and Cyber Protect - Standard editions, yet it should not be due to licensing limitations.
  • [ABR-136810] An unclear error is shown if a destination tenant was not found while moving a tenant.
  • [ABR-136694] The "Bad request" message appears if a large number is specified for the Storage quota.
  • [ABR-203902] The error message "The number of registered and deleted storage registrations exceeds 50" is shown during storage re-registration.
  • [ABR-203243] Logout is done correctly while a user is logged in via a branded URL; however, logout is not done for a non-branded URL.
  • [ABR-173628] Active Directory Connector - mapping is not saved when one or more Distinguished Names (DNs) are invalid.
  • [ABR-131711] Lack of salutation text in the "Quota exceeded" email notification.
  • [PLTFRM-2340] The "Tenant was moved" audit event description shows tenant IDs instead of names.
  • [PLTFRM-18229] Improve the error message for the RPC GetRedirect method, in case a customer has no storage.