Release date:January, 2021

Table of contents

What's new

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Data Download from the "Recently Affected" widget

Administrators of both partner and customer tenants can now easily download information about recently affected workloads by using the "Recently Affected" widget. The information is delivered in the CSV file format and can include data for up to 200 days. Once a data download request is submitted, the system starts a data collection process. When the data is ready for download, an e-mail containing a download link is sent to the email addresses specified in the data download request.

Disaster Recovery: Indication of Disaster Recovery protection status of workloads

A Disaster recovery column is added in the list of all workloads. This helps administrators easily see which workloads are protected with Advanced Disaster Recovery.

Disaster Recovery: Recovery points infected by malware are highlighted in Start Failover dialog

If Advanced Security is enabled to scan the backups of protected workloads, the failover configuration dialog will show infected recovery points highlighted in red. Thus, during failover configuration, administrators can identify infected recovery points and choose clean recovery points to prevent launching workloads with malware in the cloud.

Management Portal and Platform Core

Branding for Cyber Protection agent's installer and tray monitor

This release brings more branding capabilities to complete the corporate look and feel of Acronis partners within Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.
It’s now possible to customize the installer of Cyber Protection agent and the appearance of the tray monitor.

  • The following new branding parameters were introduced in the management portal:
    • Agent installer filename
    • Agent name
    • Agent installer logo
    • Tray monitor name
  • Color scheme is now applicable to the agent installer and the tray monitor UI.

You must update the Cyber Protection agent to enable the new branding functionality.
After the update, you can change the name and the logo of the agent, the name of the tray monitor, and the color scheme, on the fly, without agent reinstallation.

Acronis Cyber Files

Added support for Android 12 – the new version of Android OS that was released in October, 2021.

Updated Components

Cyber Protection agent

The Acronis Cyber Protection agent has new versions as follows.

  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Windows (v.15.0.28816)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Mac (v.15.0.28816)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Linux (v.15.0.28816)

See the release notes for the Acronis Cyber Protection agent here.

Changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API

You can find the history of changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API in the dedicated API change log document.

Fixed issues

This section describes issues that have been fixed in this update.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

  • Common

    • [PLTFRM-35237] Database connections leaks
    • [PLTFRM-30004] Cannot apply plan for DAG
    • [ABR-328297] Improve error There is not enough space on the volume where the snapshot storage is located
    • [PLTFRM-34495] Installation has not-consistent registration mode value in License Manager cloud DB
    • [ABR-333488] Web control panel cannot work with groups of resources
    • [PLTFRM-35640] Cloud storage quota works incorrectly for multiple units
    • [ABR-323098] PUT API call /policy_management/v4/applications/run endpoint doesn't work as intended whenever one or multiple resource_ids are specified in the "context_ids" JSON parameter.
    • [ARC-424] Use-after-free on some errors of setting file short name in file recovery
    • [ARC-422] File-level security option is ignored during file recovery from tape
    • [ARC-425] Short file name and attributes recovery errors in second pass lead to entire sequential restore fail
    • [AMB-3927] "Aborted by user" message is shown in Backup card when a Computer backup is finished or manually stopped
    • [ABR-325101] Activity from anonymous user is registered in activities tab after recovery from bootable media
    • [ABR-334235] /compat/instances/ids API requests fail
    • [ABR-333527] Files plan is going to be undeployed from random devices when protecting more than 100 devices
    • [ABR-334060] Error during starting of editing backup plan with some conditions
    • [PLTFRM-35165] Agent Auto-Update incorrect update settings propagation when master settings of a tenant change
    • [ABR-332774] invalid deployment state not convinient for aggregation
    • [ABR-335869] Wrong resources are selected in /drafts/{id}/context if the resource was moved to a different tenant
    • [PLTFRM-35215] Tenant hasn't acquired pricing after being moved from customer type 3 parent to customer type 0
    • [ABR-330598] Add information about ntlm support to windows sysinfo
    • [ABR-327623] Backup of the cloned machine will be performed to the same archive, although it has new MMScurrentMachineID and InstanceID
    • [ADP-18936] Wrong Tenant id for RDP session
    • [ABR-329686] Improve error "This operation returned because the timeout period expired" for sql backup
    • [PLTFRM-35317] Registration is online after generation activation file in cloud
    • [ABR-332657] Make vaults statistics pre-calculated
    • [AUK-5457] Download popup window shows incompletely, clipping the list of downloadable items (such as Bootable media ISO which is at the bottom) - browser doesn't matter
    • [ABR-330414] Pre-post settings are not deployed to the agent after PATCH /v4/policies/COMPOSITEPOLICYID API call
  • Cyber Protection Agent

    • [ABR-330202] Unattended installation fails when started under user in Administrators group.
    • [ABR-334726] Unnecessary line displayed at the top of options list in tray monitor, account name is not shown
  • Dashboards and reports

    • [ADP-18798] Add ability to use cursor and limit in /compat/instances/ids API requests
  • Disaster Recovery

    • [DRAAS-24593] Unexpected Compute Points counted during migration to ACI
    • [DRAAS-24389] Lots of errors "400 Bad Request" from app account server
    • [DRAAS-24843] DR service doesn't check offering item status during tenant deprovisioning
    • [DRAAS-22804] "recovery point not suitable" - the reason in description is wrong
    • [DRAAS-24370] When VPN server in in pending state, the "Download log" button shouldn't be available
    • [DRAAS-24681] Delta creation fails with "Requested physical volume start offset does not match expected value" error
    • [DRAAS-24799] Disk tool crashes during delta creation. "double free or corruption"
  • DLP

    • [DEVLOCK-2163] AdvDLP: There is no control for QUIC with HTTP/2's multiplexed connections via any browsers (Mozilla FF, Chrome, Edge and etc).
  • Linux protection

    • [ABR-330090] update dkms till latest version
    • [ABR-323255] Linux installer incorrectly deduces kernel-devel package name for CentOSPlus kernels
  • Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other applications protection

    • [ABR-333885] Handle MS "The mailbox operation failed." error while mailbox backing-up
    • [ABR-333400] Gsuite agent crush during calendars backup
    • [ABR-333105] Failed to recover the fields of list with unexpected IRM settings
    • [ABR-333449] Do progress report during Gmail calendar recovery
    • [ABR-334732] Incorrect sites tree build algorithm while browsing SP site archive
    • [ABR-334702] Fix logging of "Negative DriveItem size"
    • [ABR-332881] Can't upload file with quote character in name
    • [ABR-323101] Don't delete existing permission while assigning new one
    • [ABR-333757] Improve error logging and warnings in website backup agent
    • [ABR-333289] Licensed member status is set to "Applied" incorrectly
    • [ABR-333450] Don't fail restore because of 403 error during event restoration
    • [ABR-333266] Do not retry non-retriable GSuite accessToken requests
    • [ABR-311161] Redundant backup of renamed folder
  • Security and management

    • [AMP-8598] Fix logging manager to try several default system locales as logging locale
    • [AMP-8774] Invalidate Status DB is always called when applying protection policy
    • [ADP-17770] Additional retries in check pending Windows updates
    • [ADP-18765] There should be no alert in case of disk is SSD NVMe
    • [AMP-8753] Doc parser crashes on truncated msi file
    • [ADP-18917] CVEs are still shown after reboot
    • [AMP-8534] AVE hangs on update for unsuccessful connection to update server
    • [AMP-8484] team viewer/citrix link broken
  • Virtualization protection

    • [ABR-334089] Service Process crashed during conversion on Scale

Management Portal and Platform Core

  • [PLTFRM-35791] Notifications not respecting access barriers in send to parent
  • [PLTFRM-35584] Impossible to enable Local backup for a customer if it was not enabled during creation
  • [PLTFRM-34488] Some storages are wrongly enabled during mass-edition-switch
  • [PLTFRM-34839] Fix for "Limit IP" doesnt work for cyberdc datacenters
  • [PLTFRM-35177] Error while sending email in postie
  • [ED-344] Archive browsing call fails sporadically with 400 "password required" due to new WCS session created
  • [PLTFRM-26820] Error message lacks content when admin tries to assign FSS role to a user with already used email
  • [PLTFRM-35372] Per-workload licensing switch button does not block
  • [PLTFRM-35489] Success growl is displayed when edition switching fails
  • [PLTFRM-35510] No error message for incorrect creds in Management Console
  • [PLTFRM-34485] Sometimes sync-unit send /runnow BEFORE policy is deployed
  • [PLTFRM-34471] Offering items with 0 quota returned for oem installations if licenses were not allocated to it.
  • [PLTFRM-35701] Offering item "Microsoft 365 shared seats" is not shown on the Overview and Clients pages
  • [PLTFRM-35380] Decrease batch size to 1 for upgrade
  • [PLTFRM-35007] IP addresses for branded urls
  • [PLTFRM-35179] HTML injection in executive summary report name
  • [PLTFRM-34396] Suggest to improve error parsing code to handle agent manager responses
  • [PLTFRM-34061] Mailgun - JP03 distribution list missing
  • [ED-558] Acronis Protect Mobile app does not login users if 3rd party IdP (SAML) is configured for a tenant
  • [ED-554] IDP 500 Internal Server Error if SAML attributes are used, part I

PSA and RMM integrations

  • [CI-16069] Issue with ConnectWise Manage, mapping doesn't work.
  • [CI-15948] Default sorting does not work
  • [CI-15873] "Request body must not be larger than 1M" error in Kaseya addon logs

Known issues and limitations

This section describes issues that are currently known and provides solutions to avoid the issues where possible.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

  • Common

    • [ABR-228827] If some backup is removed via the Data Recovery (Web Restore) console, this change is not reflected in the service console while browsing the backup location, until the service console is refreshed.
    • [ABR-196710] The backup location on the network share usage is duplicated in the case when there is a different network share with the same name registered as a backup location (shares rotation scenario).
    • [ABR-189620] The "Activities summary" widget shows activities out of the defined date "Range" scope (excessive activities may be shown).
    • [ABR-184900] Local backup usage is not reported for backups stored on a network share with enabled deduplication.
    • [ABR-183764] Local backup usage is not updated for all virtual machine backups after deleting and re-adding a network location.
    • [ABR-182313] Local backup usage size is duplicated after reconnecting a locally attached storage (LAS) to a new Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance).
    • [ABR-178648] The installer does not remove/update old libraries if the previous update was interrupted.
    • [ABR-154655] The protection plan may have the "Backup succeeded" status, even if this plan is completed with warnings. Alerts and activities still show the proper status of the plan.
    • [ABR-113452] If a machine was re-registered under a different account without revoking the existing protection plan from it, this plan may still continue to run unexpectedly.
    • [ABR-190404] It is not possible to recover from the Large Scale Recovery backup produced by the "LSR" tool if the backup is split into multiple separate files (multi-volume).
    • [ABR-158677] "Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection" NIC is not properly recognized by Windows 10 after recovery of an image to a VMware Workstation virtual machine by using the bootable media.
    • [ADP-17122] Backups Scanning does not work properly with orphaned archives.
    • [PLTFRM-35250] Licenses in the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud that are allocated for Acronis Cyber Protect 15 might not be allocated or deleted properly if Acronis Cyber Protect 15 is turned off. Workaround: Turn on Acronis Cyber Protect 15, unregister the management server, and register it again in the Cyber Protect console.
  • Cyber Protection Agent

    • [ABR-87244] File-level recovery from a disk/volume backup of NTFS volumes with the enabled native deduplication does not work.
  • macOS protection

    • [ABR-207057] The Bulgarian language is missing in the "Recovery HD" menu (bootable media for Mac), due to a lack of support of the Bulgarian language in macOS.
    • [ABR-141823] There are incorrect backup items in a protection plan after updating Mac OS X to 10.13 High Sierra with conversion from HFS+ to APFS (some backup items are missing).
    • [ABR-137886] Backing up Mac with Apple RAID configured fails with the "No volumes were found when processing the 'Fixed Volumes' template" error. Apple RAIDs are not supported.
    • [ABR-115270] The "[All Profiles Folder]" template in a file level backup does not support a custom profile path.
  • Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and other applications protection

    • [ABR-74984] The "Next backup" time is not displayed for a machine that has only application-level protection plans applied to it.

    • [PLTFRM-18969] It is not possible to protect Microsoft SQL on a machine with a workstation operating system, in the case Agent for Hyper-V is also installed among local agents.

    • [ABR-255521] The number of total runs and successful runs is zero for the Microsoft Office 365 resources.

  • Virtualization protection

    • [ABR-327505] Changed Block Tracking is not used properly when performing conversion into VM on Scale Computing HC3, which results in longer conversion process.
    • [ABR-320237] Debian 10 EFI VM with enabled Secure Boot is not bootable after recovery of backup captured from VMware ESXi to VM on Scale Computing HC3
      • Solution: disable Secure Boot in EFI boot manager configuration after recovery
    • [ABR-320149] Recovery of backup for machine which contains a mix of IDE and SCSI drives, to Scale Computing VM, produces a VM which misses 1 disk (non-system SCSI disk is not restored)
    • [ABR-242166] An application-aware backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine may fail when executing the WMI query, with the "WMI 'ExecQuery' failed executing query." or "Failed to create a new process via WMI" errors, when the backup is performed on a host under a high load, due to no response from WMI.
    • [ABR-235983] A protection plan using policy rules such as "/dev/sdaX" or "/sdaX" applied to a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine fails with the "Nothing to back up. The operation has been terminated." error, when performed by Agent for VMware/Hyper-V.
    • [ABR-234935] There are duplicated activities in the Activities summary, after the backup of a virtual machine running on a Hyper-V cluster.
    • [ABR-234935] An incorrect number of Total runs/Number of successful runs for a Hyper-V cluster is shown on the Operations tab.
    • [ABR-234935] The number of email notifications is equal to the number of Hyper-V cluster nodes for one VM backup activity.
    • [ABR-192213] VMware virtual machines with an empty "vc.uuid" (InstanceUUID) vSphere property are not listed in the service console.
    • [ABR-189882] Backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine fails if it contains an ampersand symbol in the names of its virtual disks.
    • [ABR-173002] Run VM from a backup on a Hyper-V host fails, if the backup is located on the same volume as the path selected for the mounted VM disks.
      • Solution: Select a different volume for the mounted VM disks path. The space will be consumed only for changes generated inside the mounted VM and it will not occupy the entire size of the virtual disk.
    • [ABR-137564] Cross-platform recoveries (when the backup was created not by Agent for Hyper-V) into a new Hyper-V virtual machine by Agent for Hyper-V always produces the Gen 1 version of virtual machine.
    • [ABR-115430] A "backup is missing for X days" alert is activated even if the backup plan is not scheduled, but has this alert option enabled in its settings.
    • [ABR-104081] A VM replication plan may fail due to network disconnects between source and target ESXi hosts even if the "Error handling" option is enabled.
    • [ABR-85645] Backup of a virtual machine with Active Directory may complete with warning "MFT bitmap is corrupted."
    • [ABR-183082] Recovery of a Linux machine having some volumes with the XFS file system completes with the "Failed to process the boot loader configuration." warning. The machine is bootable despite the warning.
    • [ABR-327505] Changed Block Tracking does not work for convert to VM operations on Scale Computing.

Management Portal and Platform Core

  • The read-only role is available for selection while customer tenant is in Cyber Backup - Standard and Cyber Protect - Standard editions, yet it should not be due to licensing limitations.
  • [ABR-136810] An unclear error is shown if a destination tenant was not found while moving a tenant.
  • [ABR-136694] The "Bad request" message appears if a large number is specified for the Storage quota.
  • [ABR-203902] The error message "The number of registered and deleted storage registrations exceeds 50" is shown during storage re-registration.
  • [ABR-203243] Logout is done correctly while a user is logged in via a branded URL; however, logout is not done for a non-branded URL.
  • [ABR-173628] Active Directory Connector - mapping is not saved when one or more Distinguished Names (DNs) are invalid.
  • [ABR-131711] Lack of salutation text in the "Quota exceeded" email notification.
  • [PLTFRM-2340] The "Tenant was moved" audit event description shows tenant IDs instead of names.
  • [PLTFRM-18229] Improve the error message for the RPC GetRedirect method, in case a customer has no storage.