Release notes for Acronis Cyber Cloud 21.02

Release date: February 2021


With this update release, the Acronis flagship cloud product offers enhancements and addresses issues found in previous releases.

What's new

Acronis Cyber Protect

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace promo

The Acronis hosted cloud storage used for the following backups of personal resources of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace is becoming free:

  1. Microsoft 365 mailbox
  2. Microsoft 365 OneDrive
  3. Gmail mailbox
  4. Google Drive

There is no charge for the number of protected Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint Online sites.

The promo will be available starting with the Acronis Cyber Cloud 21.02 release and last until June 2021.

Device Control for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Device Control is a feature of the "Cyber Protect (per workload)" edition that neutralizes the primary data loss vector – uncontrolled use of peripheral devices and local ports on corporate endpoint computers. Device Control is an optional module of a protection plan and it is enforced on all workloads where this plan is activated.

Access Settings

The basic DLP component that neutralizes the primary data loss vector – peripheral devices and local interfaces.


Alerts and notifications

Antimalware Protection for Linux

Supported Features

Supported distributives

Unsupported Features

Updates via peer-to-peer and from cloud

A spare connectivity channel is available for the agents from the networks where peer-to-peer update distribution in used.

If the updater agent is not available, the regular agent will connect and download updates from Acronis Cloud directly.

Media Builder

Registration under personal Google application

To avoid throttling from Google, a new registration method for Google Workspace workloads is introduced

Register Microsoft 365 organization in unit

In big organizations there is a need to use multiple Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace accounts in different organizational units

Enhanced security mode for a customer

This mode allows only encrypted backups. If an encryption password is not set on the protected device, backups will fail.

All operations that require providing the encryption password to a cloud service are not available.

Enhanced security mode cannot be disabled after the tenant is created.

Disaster Recovery

IPsec Multisite VPN Support

Custom DNS configuration

File Sync & Share

File Sync & Share for Android app updated

Updated Components

Acronis Cyber Protection agent

See separate Acronis Cyber Protection agent release notes here.

API changes

You can find the history of changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud API in the dedicated API change log document.

Fixed issues

This section describes issues that have been fixed in this update.

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protection Agent

Bootable media


Cyber protection

Dashboards and reports

Disaster recovery

Google Workspace

Microsoft 365

File Sync & Share

Management Portal and Platform Core

Known issues and limitations

This section describes issues that are currently known and provides solutions to avoid the issues where possible.

Acronis Cyber Protection







Management Portal and Platform Core

Build Path - Where the CHM file is located