Build 9.0.916.919721 July, 2021


This release introduces changes to licensing model, support for modern versions of macOS and Windows 10 operating systems, critical updates for Telegram and WhatsApp messaging applications and other stability and performance enhancements. Please note that the list of supported SNMPv3 features for alerts delivery was changed.

What's new


  • Acronis DeviceLock DLP 9.0 products and functional components are now shipped with subscription licenses.

    The subscriptions can be renewed by purchasing subscription license renewals. At the same time, renewals for maintenance and support of Acronis DeviceLock DLP 9.0 and DeviceLock DLP 8.x with perpetual licenses purchased before the change to the subscription-based licensing can be purchased for one or two-year terms.

User Activity Monitor

  • Fixed issue that caused "Computer is idle for X seconds" criteria malfunction.
  • Fixed "Pause while inactive" option malfunction.
  • Fixed DeviceLock Management Console issue that prevented deletion of multiple UAM records at once in UAM Log Viewer.


  • Enhanced support for Telegram Desktop and WhatsApp Desktop messaging applications.
  • Added support for emails sent from Outlook via Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (G-Suite). Such emails are now controlled according to the Web Mail settings.


  • Added full support for Apple macOS 11.2.3 (Big Sur) for the DeviceLock Core-Macintosh module.
  • Added support for Windows 10 version 21H1.
  • The start and stop times of the DeviceLock service have been optimized.
  • The database upgrade routine for the DeviceLock Enterprise Server has been optimized.
  • Fixed DeviceLock Enterprise Server Monitoring issue that caused Alerts settings to be treated as corrupted.
  • Fixed issue that caused shadow copying malfunction for Clipboard and Terminal Services Clipboard operations denied by Content-aware rules in some environments.
  • Fixed issue that caused User Activity Monitoring-related settings to be included in exported settings files (.dls) on those environments where the UAM functionality were not in use.
  • Fixed intermittent issue that caused DeviceLock Enterprise Server to loose connection to SQL Server during the backup tasks running on SQL Server.
  • Fixed intermittent explorer.exe crash when working with mobile (MTP) devices in some specific environments.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with third-party software: TeamViewer 15.16.8, Sophos Endpoint Security and Control.

ContentLock / Discovery

  • New validation for Credit Card Number pattern: MIR cards numbers.

DeviceLock / Discovery

  • HMAC-MD5 has been dropped from the list of supported Authentication protocols for SNMPv3. DeviceLock Service, DeviceLock Content Security Server will attempt to switch to HMAC-SHA protocol automatically.
  • CBC-DES has been dropped from the list of supported Privacy protocols for SNMPv3. DeviceLock Service, DeviceLock Content Security Server will attempt to switch to CBC-AES-128 protocol automatically.