Release notes for Acronis Cyber Protect 15

Release date: December 29, 2020

Build: 26172


We are happy to introduce Acronis Cyber Protect 15 – an AI-powered integration of Data Protection and Cybersecurity. Acronis Cyber Protect 15 integrates backup, disaster recovery, AI-based malware and ransomware protection, remote desktop, and security tools in a single solution.

One integrated solution:

What's new in Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Update 1

Tape management: multistreaming

Tape management: multiplexing

New operating systems support

VMware ESXi 6.7 host configuration restore

VMware vSphere 7.0 support

“Auditor” role

Improved UI for Acronis Cyber Protect Monitor​

Additional details are now shown:

Quick and Full scans for Anti-malware protection in a single protection plan

What's new in Acronis Cyber Protect 15

Autodiscovery and remote installation

Simplify the simultaneous installation of multiple agents in the cloud and on-premise.

Single protection plan covering all aspects of cyber protection

Smart protection plan

Perform smart remediation actions based on security alerts from Acronis Cyber Protection Operations Centers (CPOC).

Full-stack anti-malware protection for Windows and macOS

Scan backups for malware in local storage, network shares, and Acronis Cloud Storage

Scan disk backups in the local storage, network shares, and Acronis Cloud Storage, in order to detect malware infections

Safe recovery

Safe recovery allows you to restore an OS image without the malware found in it, to avoid reinfection after recovery.

URL filtering that controls the access to malicious URLs

URL filtering allows you to permit or deny access to specific websites based on information contained in a URL list.

Vulnerability assessment

Automated verification of system vulnerabilities to cyber threats

Patch management

Windows Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials Management

HTML5-based secure Remote Desktop access

Establish a secure RDP connection to your devices right from web console interface, including cross-sites connections, with no VPN pre-requisites

Full-fledged read-only role support

Disk health monitoring

Proactively track disk health status, before an issue happens.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for important files and application data

Acronis #CyberFit score for protected devices

The #CyberFit protection score includes the following assessments:

Protection for Remote Work Tools

Prioritized patch management and antimalware protection for:

Application-aware backup for VMs on Hyper-V

The new application-aware backup of Hyper-V VMs by the Agent for Hyper-V improves the backup and recovery of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services running on Microsoft Hyper-V.

Finalizing the virtual machine running from backup on Hyper-V

While a virtual machine is running from a backup, the virtual disks content is taken directly from its backup. Therefore, the machine will become inaccessible or even corrupted if the connection is lost to the backup location or to the backup agent. You have the option to make this machine permanent, that is, recover all of its virtual disks, along with the changes that occurred while the machine was running, to the datastore that stores these changes. This process is named finalization.

This process is now supported for both ESXi and Hyper-V.

Scale Computing HC3 hypervisor support

Data protection map (data discovery)

Monitor the protection status of files with classification, reporting and unstructured data analytics.

Forensic Backup

Image-based backup with valuable, additional data added to backups

Remote device wipe

Helps you prevent data loss from stolen devices.

Updated Cyber Protection Monitor

Displays real-time antivirus protection status.

Installation Notes

IMPORTANT  Please, remember to uninstall Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Beta before installing Acronis Cyber Protect 15. Upgrade from Beta is not supported.

IMPORTANT  If you are planning to use Virtual Host/Universal licenses for protection of VMs by running backup agents inside them (agent-based), make sure to review the following KB article describing the licensing specifics:

Issues fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Update 1 (Build: 26172)

Issues fixed in build 26172 (December 29, 2020)

Installation and upgrade




Applications support

Tape management

Roles and units management

Issues fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect 15 (Builds: 24426 – 25729)

Issues fixed in build 25729 (October 31, 2020)



Issues fixed in build 24600 (October 6, 2020)



Issues fixed in build 24538 (September 29, 2020)

Installation and upgrade




Issues fixed in build 24515 (September 21, 2020)

Installation and upgrade


Cyber protection

Application support

Issues fixed in build 24426 (September 09, 2020)

This section describes issues that have been fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect 15 in comparison with Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 Update 5.

Installation and upgrade


Application support


Tape management

Known issues

This section describes issues that are currently known and provides solutions to avoid the issues where possible.

Installation and upgrade


Backup and recovery

Acronis Storage Node, Acronis Storage and data catalog

IMPORTANT  Installation notes: Agent for Windows is always installed with Acronis Storage Node. The agent is required to browse the location contents.


Tape management

Application support

Build Path - Where the CHM file is located