DateJuly 2020

Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.07

Table of contents


With this update, the Acronis flagship cloud product offers enhancements and addresses the issues found in the previous releases.

What's new

Acronis Cyber Protection

The #CyberFit Score standalone tool is available!

Any person can now download the #CyberFit Score standalone tool from to assess their machine(s) and get the risk mitigation instructions.

Microsoft Teams backup and recovery

  • The team items that are backed up:
    • A members list
    • Channels and their content
    • A team mailbox and meetings
    • A team site
  • Recovery options:
    • An entire team
    • A channel data: conversations (only downloaded as HTML), files
    • An entire team mailbox or particular items: email messages and calendar events
    • An entire team site or particular items: sub-sites, lists, document libraries, files, and list items
  • Full-text search in channel conversations

For more details, refer to “Protecting Office 365 Teams” in the Cyber Protection User Guide.

Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform agentless backup

  • Acronis Cyber Protection agent for Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform in the form of appliance.
  • Virtual machines and Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform-specific hierarchy objects discovery in the Cyber Protection console.
  • Domains and Projects hierarchy.
  • Agentless backup for virtual machines.
  • Native support for Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform Changed Block Tracking (CBT) API.
  • Full recovery of virtual machines into Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform (including cross-platform recoveries).

For more details, refer to “Deploying Agent for Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform (Virtual Appliance) from a QCOW2 template” in the Cyber Protection User Guide.

Virtuozzo 7 containers agentless backup

  • Agent for Virtuozzo now supports Virtuozzo 7.
  • Agentless backup for containers is supported, while virtual machines are filtered from the Cyber Protection console.
  • Native support for Virtuozzo Changed Block Tracking (CBT) API.
  • Entire container and file-level recovery.

For more details, refer to "Supported virtualization platforms" in the Cyber Protection User Guide.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure virtual machines agentless backup

One-click updates for appliances

  • Appliances update can be initiated in one-click from the Cyber Protection console instead of re-deploying the appliances from scratch.
  • All agents in the form of virtual appliance, including Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) and Agent for Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform are supported in the new workflow.
  • One-click update is available starting from the Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.07 version.
    • Update to Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.07 will still require re-deploy.

#CyberFit Score improvements

  • Recommendations on how to increase the level of cyber protection are now shown in the device details.
  • Ability to disable the #CyberFit Score calculation for specific devices to address requirements of highly regulated environments.

For more details, refer to "#Running a #CyberFit Score scan" in the Cyber Protection User Guide.

Improved autodiscovery of machines

  • The special notification is shown if the autodiscovery operation is not available.
  • Depending on the agent version (latest/outdated), status (online/offline), type (Windows/macOS), the corresponding notification is shown to a user.
  • Tree view panel with machines grouped by the discovery methods is shown and expanded by default in the "Unmanaged machines" list.

For more details, refer to "Autodiscovery of machines" in the Cyber Protection User Guide.

Redesigned Acronis Cyber Protection Monitor

The "About" and agent version windows became more polished and useful.

Dashboards and reports improvements

  • The reports introduced in the new update of Acronis Cyber Cloud have now a special mark.
  • The "Cyber Protection" widget data can be exported to Excel and PDF formats.

For more details about the dashboard and reports, refer to "Monitoring" and "Reports" in the Cyber Protection User Guide.

Active Protection

The Active Protection functionality is available in any edition (as it was before Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0).

Management Portal

Full-fledged read-only role support

  • It is now possible to precisely manage roles on a user level for each available service.
  • Acronis Cyber Protect now supports the read-only mode access.

For more details, refer to "User roles available for each service" in the Acronis Cyber Cloud Partner Guide and "User roles available for each service" in the Customer Administrator Guide.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) by default

The 2FA option is now available for management while creating a new tenant and is enabled by default.

This is applicable to the UI of Management Portal, the default status of the 2FA parameter remains the same (disabled) in the Account Management API v2 for backward compatibility reasons.

For more details, refer to "Creating a tenant" in the Acronis Cyber Cloud Partner Guide.

Advanced tenant access management

It is now possible to manage the "Support access" parameter during the tenant creation.

For convenience it is called "Management mode" and provides two options:

  • Managed by service provider (equals to enabled "Support access")
  • Self-service (equals to disabled "Support access", selected by default)

This is applicable to the UI of Management Portal, the default status of the "Management mode" parameter remains the same ("Managed by service provider") in the Account Management API v2 for backward compatibility reasons.

For more details, refer to "Creating a tenant" in the Acronis Cyber Cloud Partner Guide.

Enhanced password strength policy

  • The minimum password length is 8 symbols (previously, it was 6).
  • The entered password (its hash) is automatically checked versus
    • The most popular bad passwords database,
    • The top leaked passwords database (Have I Been Pwned),
    • The user name,
    • The company name.

The nice and useful password strength meter was added.

This is applicable to the UI of Management Portal, the password strength policy is kept unmodified in the Account Management API v2 for backward compatibility reasons.

Management Portal performance improved

  • Overall navigation performance improved.
  • Special optimizations were done to make Management Portal capable of handling 70K+ customers within the same partner.

The branding options are extended to support sophisticated network configurations

It is now possible to customize URLs of the Agent Gateway and Registration Server components of Acronis Cyber Cloud on a partner tenant level.

It was done to unlock support of sophisticated network configurations and scenarios, for example, access to Acronis Cyber Cloud from non-public IP addresses.

Fixed issues

This section describes issues that have been fixed in this update.

Acronis Cyber Protection

Cyber Protection Agent

  • [ABR-261847] There is no warning message if there is a problem with one of the partitions and it cannot be longer backed up.
  • [ABR-263366] A forensic backup failed after reboot to bootable media with the error message "The process C:\Program Files\BackupClient\BackupAndRecovery\mms.exe has initiated the restart of computer".
  • [ABR-265423] The backup is not started after the machine woke up even if the option "Wake machine from sleep for backup" is enabled.
  • [ABR-265621] Acronis Cyber Protection Agent 12.5.12960 installation failed if Windows Installer's DB is corrupted on the machine.
  • [ABR-266787] Acronis Cyber Protection Agent uninstallation takes a lot of time and Cyber Protection Service is not removed after the machine restart.
  • [ABR-267948] Two different fonts are used in the Acronis Cyber Protection Monitor's Encryption section.
  • [ABR-269131] The warning message about losing an encryption password is not highlighted enough in the Acronis Cyber Protection Monitor's Encryption section.
  • [ABR-269533] A large backup to cloud failed because the certificate gets expired when the backup was running.
  • [ABR-275630] A notification that Antivirus is disabled is shown in Acronis Cyber Protection Monitor, even if the agent is registered in a customer tenant where there is no Antivirus & Antimalware protection enabled.
  • [ADP-8512] Low performance and sporadic appearance of various errors in the Cyber Protection console and Management Portal.
  • [ADP-8769] Antivirus & Antimalware protection schedule task is still trying to start even after it got disabled in the protection plan.
  • [PLTFRM-21535] Backup failed with the "couldn't get upstream token" error message.
  • [PLTFRM-21804] Plesk: the recovery of entire machine registered failed in case if the machine name was changed.
  • [PLTFRM-21805] Backup of Windows XP (or Windows Server 2003) failed with the error "can't open pipe '\\.\pipe\aakore.sock', err code = 2".


  • [ABR-217109] The Microsoft SQL backup failed with the error "An expression test has failed".
  • [ABR-240746] The Microsoft Exchange email recovery to its original mailbox failed with the error "Cannot open public folder or mailbox".
  • [ABR-268202][ABR-269576] The resource remains a part of Database Availability Group (DAG) even after removing it from the cluster causing inability to back up databases.
  • [ABR-274057] Data recovered from the Microsoft SQL database backup is not up-to-date.
  • [ABR-260078] Microsoft SQL databases are not discovered with Acronis Cyber Protection build 15300.
  • [ABR-263303] The backup of Microsoft SQL database failed due to the MMS service restart.

Bootable media

  • [ABR-246239] Bootable Media build 12960 crashed during startup if the machine has the RAID5 volume.


  • [ABR-107622] The local backup continues running even after disabling the "Local backup" offering item.
  • [ABR-123851] A non-informative error message "Backup plan status has been repaired" (0x01330038) is shown.
  • [ABR-249811] cPanel plug-in: system information collected from the console or using the script hangs for a long time and results in a 2GB+ archive.
  • [ABR-252997] Sorting devices by a backup plan is impossible in Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0.
  • [ABR-262656] The order of pictures and texts is different on the on-boarding screens of the Cyber Protection console.
  • [ABR-262837] Unable to run the applied protection plan for a system state (the "Run now" button is disabled) because the plan is not deployed to the agent.
  • [ABR-262892] Devices are randomly shown as "offline".
  • [ABR-263300] Service_process crashed while creating or deleting Secure Zone.
  • [ABR-265208] The user guide does not explain that validation of backups is not available for the third-party storages.
  • [ABR-266062] Discrepancy of feature naming between the UI of Cyber Protection console and the product help.
  • [ABR-267120] Network settings are reset on the restored Virtuozzo 7 container.
  • [ABR-268372] Hints are absent for some elements of the menu and displayed as white rectangles in Microsoft Edge.
  • [ABR-268908] A device quota is required for the Active Protection functionality to work.
  • [ABR-271068] Unsync issue: activities and backups statuses are not synced, devices do not report errors and remain online.
  • [ABR-271272] Impossible to browse any archives with any agents.
  • [ABR-271734] The Web Restore console failed to load with the "504 gateway time-out" message.
  • [ABR-272529] Impossible to cancel the stuck activity in the Cyber Protection console.
  • [ABR-272825] Progress of the Microsoft SQL database backup is stuck.
  • [ABR-272885] Backup of Virtuozzo container failed with the error "The protection plan cannot be applied or updated as the existing quota of the device does not allow the requested functionality".
  • [ABR-274026] Editing of protection plan created in Acronis Cyber Cloud 7.9 failed with the error "Failed to load the protection plan for editing".
  • [ABR-274030] Older, non-relevant alerts appear although cleared constantly.
  • [ABR-275065] Virtual machine replication plan deletion failed.
  • [ABR-275840] Alerts are not generated although enabled in a protection plan.
  • [ARC-184] Backup failed with the error message "Can't set password for non-encrypted archive".
  • [ADP-6987] A mix of 24 hrs. and 12 hrs. formats in the setting of the protection plan.

Cyber protection

  • [AAP-3612] Active Protection revert does not work while vulnerability assessment is running.
  • [AAP-3875] The registry key of AcronisTibMounterMonitor is not protected allowing malware to achieve persistence on Windows OS.
  • [AAP-541] C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Shared\Anaconda3_64\t4D72.tmp.dir\pythonw.exe is detected as suspicious by Active Protection.
  • [ADP-8767] Sometimes the drive letter is not displayed in the "Malware is detected in a backup" alerts.
  • [ADP-8798] Windows Defender is submitting the translated text when saving the settings.
  • [ADP-8887] An error is shown when trying to submit an update if it's not found in the Vulnerability Assessment / Patch Management database.
  • [AMP-2219] Acronis Remove_Cloud_Agent_v1.exe is detected as malware 'Gen:Trojan.Heur.ZP.A97B96AD'.
  • [AMP-2336] It is not possible to cancel the Cyber Protection Definitions update at 50%.
  • [AMP-2492] Anti-malware protection naming is incorrect.
  • [KERNEL-9502] The machine with the Trend Micro antivirus becomes unusable after the update of agent to the latest build. Probably, the reason is ngscan driver.
  • [ABR-254896] An incorrect name "Triggered by: patch_management" in the Recovery tab.
  • [KERNEL-9307] System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is unable to push updates after the Acronis Cyber Protection Agent is installed.
  • [AUK-3376] Active Protection is spontaneously enabled in the Antivirus & Antimalware protection section while disabling the real-time protection.
  • Dashboards and reports
  • [ADP-5201] The "Install patches" column got hidden when the screen is scaled.
  • [ADP-7196] The Activities report doesn't fetch more than 5000 rows.
  • [ADP-8231] The "Locations summary" widget displays confusing storage space sizes.
  • [ADP-8248] An incorrect date range is shown in the "Monthly Report" 30-days range PDF report.
  • [ABR-273355] The widget "Devices" (Dashboard > Overview) shows the incorrect device protection status ("not protected" instead of "protected") and incorrect space usage.
  • [ABR-263959] The dashboard failed to load data (Overview → Operations) if there are more than 1000 customers.
  • [ABR-272044] The pending requests are not automatically canceled when a user changes the widget settings in the Dashboards.

Disaster Recovery

  • [ABR-271846] Failover failed for the server with the group protection plan.

Google G Suite protection

  • [ABR-234716] An unclear error is shown when trying to back up Shared Drive that does not have any members.
  • [ABR-244695] The G Suite registration wizard contains incorrect outdated steps.
  • [ABR-251884] The archive name with the space as a first symbol can be created for Shared Drive.
  • [ABR-252437] Backup of Shared Drive failed due to unsuccessful retry of 401 error.
  • [ABR-253384][ABR-260298][ABR-267007][ABR-271718] Google Drive backup failed with the error "agent was crashed".
  • [ABR-254068] Google Drive backup failed with the error "A backup agent error: 'agent was crashed'".
  • [ABR-254474] Google Drive backup failed with the error "googleapi: got HTTP response code 500".
  • [ABR-256677] Google Drive backup failed with the error "A backup agent error: 'agent was crashed'".
  • [ABR-256908] Google Drive archive is not browsable due to failed cataloging.
  • [ABR-258753] A slow Google Drive backup.
  • [ABR-260176] Google Drive backup failed with the error "An internal error has occurred in the cloud agent: 'listHistoryError'".
  • [ABR-261011] Google Drive backup failed with the error "too many open files".
  • [ABR-262269] Shared Drive backup failed with the error 'item already exists'.
  • [ABR-263194] SharedDrive backup failed with the error "Could not access to Drive".
  • [ABR-266859] Google Drive backup fails with the error "GDriveSharedMemberRequiredError".
  • [ABR-273500] Google Drive backup completed with the warning message "Only files with binary content can be downloaded. Use Export with Google Docs files".


  • [ABR-178003] A backup of Virtuozzo Linux 6.8 failed with the error "Failed to create volume snapshot".
  • [ABR-263602] Mounting XFS via snumbd fails in some specific cases due to unaligned BIOs.
  • [ABR-269691] Restore with reboot does not work when DCHP provides DNS as localhost.
  • [ABR-271083] [ABR-271087] [ABR-271088] [ABR-271091] Bare metal recovery of Debian 10 with LVM and Software RAID fails at the Acronis Universal Restore stage with the error "failed to process the fstab file".


  • [ABR-259974] File recovery on macOS sets the current date and time for the recovered files, when the option is disabled.
  • [ABR-270821] Backup failed with "Device not configured" when it ibifuse mount point encountered.
  • [ABR-272155] Backup failed with the I/O error on /private/var/run/dyld_shared_cache_x86_64.

Microsoft Office 365

  • [ABR-210445] Mailbox backup failed with the error "500 Internal Server Error: archive is corrupted" when an incorrect certificate for a storage is used for a backup.
  • [ABR-231354] Custom content types in the SharePoint lists and document libraries are not supported.
  • [ABR-241066] Network (dial) errors are not retried in all HTTP-clients.
  • [ABR-245356] SharePoint site backup completed with the warning "404 in GetDriveItem" when backing up a file with sensitive content.
  • [ABR-250774][ABR-252655] SharePoint site backup completed with the warning "Failed to process change event List/Restore".
  • [ABR-251919] SharePoint site backup failed with the error "item not found".
  • [ABR-252181] Public folder is not discovered by Office 365, the resource discovery is successful.
  • [ABR-252189] OneDrive backup completed with the warning "Cannot back up the contents of 'Leica': 'Could not get Download URL: Cannot provide DownloadUrl for non-File item".
  • [ABR-253263] Small files recovery for a group site takes from 1 to 5 hours.
  • [ABR-253423] SharePoint backup failed with the error "Failed to get an error message from the back-end service".
  • [ABR-253861] Activity catalog indexing 'TicketBackup' failed.
  • [ABR-253940][ABR-257241][ABR-263133] SharePoint site backup completed with the warning "failed to process change event Item/Add".
  • [ABR-254024] Unable to register an organization, the error "There was an error issuing a token or an issue with our sign-in service" occurs.
  • [ABR-254848] Backup progress is stuck in the UI, the next backup date is in the past.
  • [ABR-255370] Backup of mailbox failed with the error "Cannot back up the primary mailbox of an Office 365 user: 'error while reading SOAP response'".
  • [ABR-258003] Sorting by Office 365 backup-specific fields breaks device loading for regular agents.
  • [ABR-260443] Manual discovery of resource completed with the warning "Failed to get the root".
  • [ABR-263120][ABR-275844] SharePoint site backup completed with the warning "failed to process change event Item/Update".
  • [ABR-264200] OneDrive backup failed after a user changed the password and re-registered the organization.
  • [ABR-265006] Incremental backup of SharePoint site takes a long time.
  • [ABR-265170] SharePoint site backup failed with the error "Failed to get an error message from the back-end service".
  • [ABR-267743] SharePoint site backup completed with the warning "Failed to add item...".
  • [ABR-267892] OneDrive backup failed for a specific user with the error "Could not access to Drive".
  • [ABR-270114][ABR-270115] Encrypted SharePoint site backup is shown as empty while browsing.
  • [ABR-270322] Incremental backup completed with the warning "Failed to process change event Item/Add" after adding a file with Thai symbols in the name.
  • [ABR-272360] SharePoint site backup completed with the warning "Failed to backup the site settings".
  • [ABR-272852] OneDrive backup completed with multiple warnings "Cannot backup the contents of...".
  • [ABR-274264] Recovery of SharePoint site completed with the warning "Invalid data has been used to update...".
  • [ARC-215] SharePoint site backup failed with the error "Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers".
  • [DF-2130] Catalog indexing activity failed if the Team name contains special symbols.
  • [DF-2145] Catalog indexing activity failed when there is an email with the body text of ~20MB.
  • [ARC-206] Listing of Microsoft Office 365 archives failed if one of those is corrupted.
  • [PLTFRM-18783] SharePoint Group site backup was not performed - the backup job was not properly scheduled.

Physical Data Shipping

  • [PDS-134] Physical Data Shipping Creation Tool improperly detects multiple partitions on NTFS formatted drives.
  • [PDS-150] Loading JSON from archive_ctl output does not work.

Website backup

  • [ABR-253205] Website backup is not resumed, but failed with the error "file does not exist".
  • [ABR-259826] Adding a website in the Cyber Protection console failed with no activity shown on the Activity Log or errors in UI.
  • [ABR-268219] An unclear error "overflow reading version string" while backing up a website via the unsupported port and protocol (21 or 8080).

Platform Core and Management Portal

  • [PLTFRM-21411] An unclear error "API error" is shown in Management Portal in certain circumstances.
  • [PLTFRM-21565] Can’t resend an expired account activation link - the "Unauthorized" error appears.
  • [PLTFRM-15031] Cloud storage usage is shown as 0 despite there are backups.
  • [PLTFRM-19973] The error message "Tenant with ID .. was deleted" during launch of the Cyber Protection console.
  • [PLTFRM-20254] [PLTFRM-21373] A device cannot be removed after a user account was deleted.
  • [PLTFRM-20891] A valid TOTP code is not accepted during login.
  • [PLTFRM-20965] Several backup activities got stuck.
  • [PLTFRM-21015] [PLTFRM-22113] A user activation link is broken since it contains spaces inherited from the custom branded URL.
  • [PLTFRM-22281] An internal server error when trying to upgrade and activate the latest Acronis Cyber Cloud addon module for WHMCS version v2.0.127.
  • [PLTFRM-5958] Cannot replace an Acronis Cyber Cloud administrator for APS.

Known issues and limitations

This section describes issues that are currently known and provides solutions to avoid the issues where possible.

Acronis Cyber Protection


  • [PLTFRM-18969] It is not possible to protect Microsoft SQL on a machine with a workstation operating system, in the case Agent for Hyper-V is also installed among local agents.
  • [ABR-255521] The number of total runs and successful runs is zero for the Microsoft Office 365 resources.
  • [ABR-240431] It is possible to apply an existing protection plan with the "Cloud" backup destination, even if the cloud storage quota was exceeded for a tenant. The plan will fail upon execution.
  • [ABR-239197] The protection plan with the enabled Physical Data Shipping option cannot be run if the "Local backup" offering item is disabled for a tenant.
  • [ABR-228827] If some backup is removed via the Data Recovery (Web Restore) console, this change is not reflected in the service console while browsing the backup location, until the service console is refreshed.
  • [ABR-196710] The backup location on the network share usage is duplicated in the case when there is a different network share with the same name registered as a backup location (shares rotation scenario).
  • [ABR-189620] The "Activities summary" widget shows activities out of the defined date "Range" scope (excessive activities may be shown).
  • [ABR-184900] Local backup usage is not reported for backups stored on a network share with enabled deduplication.
  • [ABR-183764] Local backup usage is not updated for all virtual machine backups after deleting and re-adding a network location.
  • [ABR-182313] Local backup usage size is duplicated after reconnecting a locally attached storage (LAS) to a new Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance).
  • [ABR-178648] The installer does not remove/update old libraries if the previous update was interrupted.
  • [ABR-154655] The protection plan may have the "Backup succeeded" status, even if this plan is completed with warnings. Alerts and activities still show the proper status of the plan.
  • [ABR-133689] Acronis MMS fails to start on the latest version of CentOS 7 that uses the 3.10.0-514.21.2.el7.x86_64 kernel version, due to the specific kernel bug:
  • [ABR-113452] If a machine was re-registered under a different account without revoking the existing protection plan from it, this plan may still continue to run unexpectedly.
  • [ABR-106790] The service console is not shown properly on mobile devices.
  • [ABR-252829] Sorting by status is inconsistent and mixes the results in an unpredicted way.


  • [ABR-134234] For a folder that is a junction of another folder, any changes made to the contents of the original data (linked to this junction folder) are not backed up. The problem is not reproduced only when using the backup format v12.
  • [ABR-115270] The "[All Profiles Folder]" template in a file level backup does not support a custom profile path.
  • [ABR-87244] File-level recovery from a disk/volume backup of NTFS volumes with the enabled native deduplication does not work.


  • [ABR-190404] It is not possible to recover from the Large Scale Recovery backup produced by the "LSR" tool if the backup is split into multiple separate files (multi-volume).
  • [ABR-183082] Recovery of a Linux machine having some volumes with the XFS file system completes with the "Failed to process the boot loader configuration." warning. The machine is bootable despite the warning.
  • [ABR-158677] "Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection" NIC is not properly recognized by Windows 10 after recovery of an image to a VMware Workstation virtual machine by using the bootable media.
  • [ABR-129075] When browsing a folder in a backup during the file-level recovery via the service console, some child folders may not appear in the list after sorting by type if the folder contains many elements. To show all items of the folders, you need to scroll down in order to load the entire content of a parent folder and perform sorting only after that.
  • [ABR-127666] Files/folders may still be available for a recovery from backups saved in the cloud, even if these files/folders were removed from a source device and the backups that contain these files were already cleaned up during retention.


  • [ABR-221210] An application-aware agent-less VM backup fails with the "Internal error: Failed to find file 'C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\AcronisGuestService\output.xml'" error, due to a false positive detection of the Acronis "app_detect.exe" binary as "SONAR.Susplnject!gen5" malware by Norton Security Deluxe and/or Symantec Endpoint Protection antiviruses installed inside the virtual machine.
  • [ABR-162925] Application items (databases and/or mailboxes) cannot be recovered from the application-aware entire machine backup if the databases are located on mount points (the database path is redirected to another location).
  • [ABR-74984] The "Next backup" time is not displayed for a machine that has only application-level protection plans applied to it.


  • [ABR-207057] The Bulgarian language is missing in the "Recovery HD" menu (bootable media for Mac), due to a lack of support of the Bulgarian language in macOS.
  • [ABR-141823] There are incorrect backup items in a protection plan after updating Mac OS X to 10.13 High Sierra with conversion from HFS+ to APFS (some backup items are missing).
  • [ABR-137886] Backing up Mac with Apple RAID configured fails with the "No volumes were found when processing the 'Fixed Volumes' template" error. Apple RAIDs are not supported.


  • [ABR-242166] An application-aware backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine may fail when executing the WMI query, with the "WMI 'ExecQuery' failed executing query." or "Failed to create a new process via WMI" errors, when the backup is performed on a host under a high load, due to no response from WMI.
  • [ABR-235983] A protection plan using policy rules such as "/dev/sdaX" or "/sdaX" applied to a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine fails with the "Nothing to back up. The operation has been terminated." error, when performed by Agent for VMware/Hyper-V.
  • [ABR-234935] There are duplicated activities in the Activities summary, after the backup of a virtual machine running on a Hyper-V cluster.
  • [ABR-234935] An incorrect number of Total runs/Number of successful runs for a Hyper-V cluster is shown on the Operations tab.
  • [ABR-234935] The number of email notifications is equal to the number of Hyper-V cluster nodes for one VM backup activity.
  • [ABR-206940] Backing up a Hyper-V virtual machine located on a CSV volume may block moving this CSV volume to a different Hyper-V node, in some cases.
  • [ABR-204800] Agent for VMware (Windows) installed on Windows Server 2019 cannot use the "Direct SAN Access" backup mode if it is connected to VMware vSphere version 6.7 and the datastore is connected via iSCSI.
  • [ABR-192213] VMware virtual machines with an empty "vc.uuid" (InstanceUUID) vSphere property are not listed in the service console.
  • [ABR-189882] Backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine fails if it contains an ampersand symbol in the names of its virtual disks.
  • [ABR-173002] Run VM from a backup on a Hyper-V host fails, if the backup is located on the same volume as the path selected for the mounted VM disks.

    Solution: select a different volume for the mounted VM disks path. The space will be consumed only for changes generated inside the mounted VM and it will not occupy the entire size of the virtual disk.

  • [ABR-137564] Cross-platform recoveries (when the backup was created not by Agent for Hyper-V) into a new Hyper-V virtual machine by Agent for Hyper-V always produces the Gen 1 version of virtual machine.
  • [ABR-115430] A "backup is missing for X days" alert is activated even if the backup plan is not scheduled, but has this alert option enabled in its settings.
  • [ABR-104081] A VM replication plan may fail due to network disconnects between source and target ESXi hosts even if the "Error handling" option is enabled.
  • [ABR-100551] Backup of a Linux virtual machine running on Hyper-V 2019 always fails over to crash-consistent snapshots, due to a Microsoft limitation (inability to create production checkpoints for Linux virtual machines).
  • [ABR-95961] A backup task periodically fails on snapshot creation for some Virtuozzo containers after some time on a host with a high load.
  • [ABR-85645] Backup of a virtual machine with Active Directory may complete with warning "MFT bitmap is corrupted."

Management Portal

  • The read-only role is available for selection while a customer tenant is created in the Cyber Backup - Standard and Cyber Protect - Standard editions, yet it should not be due to the licensing limitations.
  • [ABR-138058] Sending backup notifications is turned off after disabling and then returning back the Cyber Protection role to a user.
  • [ABR-137174] The Overview page does not support screen resolution of 1024 pixels or less in width.
  • [ABR-136810] An unclear error is shown if a destination tenant was not found while moving a tenant.
  • [ABR-136694] The "Bad request" message appears if a large number is specified for the Storage quota.
  • [ABR-137537] Turning off the administrator role for a user does not turn off all notification settings.
  • [ABR-203902] The error message "The number of registered and deleted storage registrations exceeds 50" is shown during storage re-registration.
  • [ABR-203243] Logout is done correctly while a user is logged in via a branded URL; however, logout is not done for a non-branded URL.
  • [ABR-173628] (Aсtive Directory Connector) Mapping is not saved when one or more Distinguished Names (DNs) are invalid.
  • [ABR-159085] A broken page is shown after login to the Backup app for Android.
  • [ABR-131711] Lack of salutation text in the "Quota exceeded" email notification.
  • [PLTFRM-4] It is possible to create a tenant with the name having only spaces.
  • [PLTFRM-2335][PLTFRM-19133] The Audit log is not loaded after drill-down to a child tenant in certain circumstances.
  • [PLTFRM-20333] A Hyper-V host may consume two "Server" licenses, in cases when it is backed up as a physical machine and there are also VMs or Microsoft applications running on this host and which are backed up by other types of backup agents.
  • [PLTFRM-20414] Compute points usage from the original edition is not displayed for a customer in the report after the edition switch and tenant move, for example, when the edition is switched from Standard to Disaster Recovery.
  • [PLTFRM-2340] The "Tenant was moved" audit event description shows tenant IDs instead of names.
  • [PLTFRM-18229] Improve the error message for the RPC GetRedirect method, in case a customer has no storage.