Version15.0.26077December, 2020

A part of Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.12

Fixed issues

  • [ABR-298577] Couldn't register an agent 15.0.24647 after installation due to Acronis Managed Machine Service (MMS) crash.
  • [ABR-266842] After update to build 12.5.21780 two instances of agents appears on Settings - Agents tab.
  • [ABR-297965] Backup failed with error "Failed to connect to port 9999: Connection refused".
  • [ABR-216400] Couldn't register an agent due to Acronis Managed Machine Service (MMS) couldn't start with error "Failed to initialize network module" if port 9850 is used by some other application
  • [ABR-289472] Backup finished with warning "Operation was terminated unexpectedly due to a restart of the managed machine service".
Version15.0.25851November, 2020

A part of Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.11

Fixed issues

  • [ABR-274105] Unnecessary interactions with Windows certificate store.
  • [ABR-274169] File-level backup succeeded without warnings if one or more protected managed entities (files or folders) were not found.
  • [ABR-277701] Agents get unregistered by "register_agent" tool if there were wrong credentials provided during "register" operation.
  • [ABR-291824] ngelam.sys is marked for deletion during agent installation rollback, which leads to operating system boot issues.
  • [ABR-292852] Plesk protection plan fails with "The execution of update-capture-data-config.php has failed" error when Plesk does not have access to /var/lib/Acronis folder.
  • [ABR-294199] The /etc/Acronis/Scripts/ script is not launched during Acronis Cyber Protection Agent installation.
  • [ARC-13] Error message "Internal error: An expression test has failed." appears when deleting mobile backups.
  • [ARC-258] File-level backup to cloud failed with error message "Fatal protocol error".
  • [KERNEL-8514] System deadlock caused by "file_protector.sys" driver in some cases.
  • [PLTFRM-23741] Backup to cloud fails with "Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers" error message in rare cases.
  • [PLTFRM-24485][ABR-290061] Cannot register an agent for Windows 12.5.22750 located behind proxy with "HTTP error 503 Service unavailable" error.
Version15.0.24647October, 2020

A part of Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.10

Fixed issues

  • [PLTFRM-23580] Backup failed with error message {"domain":"AGENT_CORE","code":"INTERNAL_ERROR","debug"}.
  • [ABR-282128] Enabling CDP on existing plan re-creates new archive with new full backup.
  • [ABR-284386] Can't select target location due to deduplication error despite deduplication was disabled.
  • [ABR-289762] Ports 6888 and 18018 got opened after update of Linux agent from build 15300 to 23140.
  • [ABR-285268] Not clear error message "Windows error: (0x80070005) Access is denied" if Management Machine Service (MMS) user doesn't have required rights.
Version15.0.24476September, 2020

A part of Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.09

What's new

Protection of Citrix Workspace App from direct attacks

The Citrix Workspace App could be attacked by malware that can destroy files, the registry, and inject code into the application to perform malicious actions.For example, malware from the client machine may use Workspace App to distribute itself through the company network and encrypt the data on other machines. Instead of typical antivirus solutions, Acronis provides a dedicated and unique self-defense based protection for the Workspace App and which uses kernel-level drivers to protect the Workspace App files and registry from modification and the process from code injection.

Quick and Full scans for antimalware protection in the same protection plan

Both full and quick antimalware scans can be scheduled in the same protection plan in order to reduce the load on the machine.

Fixed issues

  • [ABR-267142] "Failed to get property 'VersionString' of the installed product" error appears during agent installation in some cases.
  • [ADP-8042] Link to open Acronis Cyber Protect from the Windows Defender Security Center is incorrect.
  • [ABR-283226] Amazon AWS EC2 VM not reachable via RDP after cross-platform recovery (VMware VM backup restored to AWS EC2 VM).
  • [ABR-278239] #CyberFit Score scanning causes too many events in Windows Event Log by using Win32_Product class.
  • [ADP-7168] antimalware protection remains active on the machine after disabling this option in the applied Protection plan.
  • [ADP-9837] Agent produces "Windows Defender module execution failed" alerts Windows Server 2008 in case Windows Defender has been disabled on the machine.
Version12.5.23130August, 2020

A part of Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.08

What's new

Exploit prevention in antivirus and antimalware protection

Cyber Protect both stops attacks and prevents them by a new exploit prevention functionality.


  • Memory protection
  • Return-oriented programming protection
  • Code injection protection
  • Privilege escalation protection


  • Enabled by default for new protection plans
  • Disabled by default for existing protection plans

Please note: the functionality is available for Windows OS only. Shall be used together with Behavioral Engine.

Remote Assistance for Windows

Now it is possible to connect a remote customer’s computer in the customer's desktop session and see exactly what the customer sees.

This will let service providers fix issues on customer's computers without logging out the customer.

Support for clipboard transfer via HTML5 Remote Desktop client

Now copying/ pasting of text from remote to local machine and from local to remote machine is supported.

Please note: the following browsers are not supported yet: Internet Explorer, Safari, Safari for iOS.

Better Security Products compatibility

Now Acronis Cyber Protect is registered in Windows Security Center only when a protection plan with Antivirus and antimalware protection is applied.

This allows to avoid security products compatibility issues.

Fixed issues

  • [ABR-267142] Acronis Cyber Protection Agent installation failed with error "Failed to get property 'VersionString' of the installed product".
  • [ABR-228787] Opening of a password-protected archive created by Acronis VMprotect 9 failed with error on agent 12.5.13400.
  • [ABR-276642] Physical Data Shipping protection plan failed while creating full backup with an error message "Physical Data Shipping is in progress".
  • [ABR-275603] Acronis Cyber Protection Agent was not able to read volumes, but files due to specific BIOS configuration.
  • [ABR-261974] Conflicting protection policies AntiMalware and WindowsDefender were applied simultaneously with no errors.
  • [ABR-275824] Acronis Cyber Protection Agent conflicted with Microsoft SCCM.
  • [ABR-276725] Slow Windows logon procedure and RDP process on RDS server where both Acronis Cyber Protection Agent and Trend Micro software installed.
  • [ABR-275381] An unclear error message "Request failed with status code 422" is shown when protection plan failed to be applied due to user being disabled.
Version12.5.23094July, 2020

A part of Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.07

What's new

One-click updates for appliances

Appliances update can be initiated in one-click from the Cyber Protection console instead of re-deploying the appliances from scratch.

All agents in the form of virtual appliance, including Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) and Agent for Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform are supported in the new workflow.

One-click update is available starting from the Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.07 version.

Update to Acronis Cyber Cloud 20.07 will still require re-deploy.

Improved autodiscovery of machines

The special notification is shown if the autodiscovery operation is not available.

Depending on the agent version (latest/outdated), status (online/offline), type (Windows/macOS), the corresponding notification is shown to a user.

Tree view panel with machines grouped by the discovery methods is shown and expanded by default in the "Unmanaged machines" list.

Redesigned <BRAND> Cyber Protection Monitor

The "About" and agent version windows became more polished and useful.

Fixed issues

  • [ABR-261847] There is no warning message if there is a problem with one of the partitions and it cannot be longer backed up.
  • [ABR-263366] A forensic backup failed after reboot to bootable media with the error message "The process C:\Program Files\BackupClient\BackupAndRecovery\mms.exe has initiated the restart of computer".
  • [ABR-265423] The backup is not started after the machine woke up even if the option "Wake machine from sleep for backup" is enabled.
  • [ABR-265621] <BRAND> Cyber Protection Agent 12.5.12960 installation failed if Windows Installer's DB is corrupted on the machine.
  • [ABR-266787] <BRAND> Cyber Protection Agent uninstallation takes a lot of time and Cyber Protection Service is not removed after the machine restart.
  • [ABR-267948] Two different fonts are used in the <BRAND> Cyber Protection Monitor's Encryption section.
  • [ABR-269131] The warning message about losing an encryption password is not highlighted enough in the <BRAND> Cyber Protection Monitor's Encryption section.
  • [ABR-269533] A large backup to cloud failed because the certificate gets expired when the backup was running.
  • [ABR-275630] A notification that Antivirus is disabled is shown in <BRAND> Cyber Protection Monitor, even if the agent is registered in a customer tenant where there is no Antivirus & Antimalware protection enabled.
  • [ADP-8512] Low performance and sporadic appearance of various errors in the Cyber Protection console and Management Portal.
  • [ADP-8769] Antivirus & Antimalware protection schedule task is still trying to start even after it got disabled in the protection plan.
  • [PLTFRM-21535] Backup failed with the "couldn't get upstream token" error message.
  • [PLTFRM-21804] Plesk: the recovery of entire machine registered failed in case if the machine name was changed.
  • [PLTFRM-21805] Backup of Windows XP (or Windows Server 2003) failed with the error "can't open pipe '\\.\pipe\aakore.sock', err code = 2".